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What is Jazz?

There are more than one different idea of ​​where this word comes from. While some say that jazz comes from the French word "Jaser" (to chatter and gossip), another group says that jazz was inspired by the singer Jazzbo Brown and that this name gave birth to the word jazz. Another group cited the abbreviation of American names such as Charles and James, "Chas" or "Jas", as the source of the word jazz. After all, a name was given and the origin of this name and where it came from is not yet fully known. The most important known fact is that Jazz is the music of African Americans. African captives, XI. Towards the end of the century, there are songs that they sang together to forget the difficulties and negativities they experienced in life while cultivating cotton fields, unloading and unloading cargo at railway stations, or working on the docks after they set foot on the new continent. These songs are called "Work Song". These songs are the most fundamental element of the emergence of jazz. But we can say that jazz music has come to life in real terms since the late 1800s. The first place where jazz appeared was New Orleans, the capital of the state of Louisiana in the United States. The most important reason for this is that it is the first port of arrival of captive ships from Africa.


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